Power of Relationships Devotional

Week two of our series on The Power of One. Reflection questions for the week

1. The Bible supports the elements of Trinitarian doctrine without ever explicitly stating such a doctrine. Why do you think Jesus never explicitly talked about the Trinity?

2. Make a list of characteristics that describe God as a good good father.

3. How can you be in relationship with that would challenge you in your walk with God and also help shape your character so that you reflect God more fully in your own life?

The Power of One Devotional

1. A leader with vision

What vision do you believe God has called you for?  

2. People must be willing to follow

What areas of your life are you finding it challenging to follow Jesus in?

3. Church must be willing to fight

What would it look like if you decided to fight or your marriage, family, finances, career or unity in our nation?

The Power of One

Mark 3:20-27

The church is called to walk in oneness as a reflection of the unity of the triune God so that those who are on the outside will come to know God. In this message our Pastor looks at three keys ways we can keep the church from being divided and destroyed.